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Awning Wind Test Rufus 2021

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DAYLODGE inflatable awnings are born from a water sport product lineage. Our awning have similar construction and materials used in products made for the wind and waves. They are inherently tough and can withstand tough weather without worrying to take the awning down.

Proving the awning can withstand abuse from the wind, we setup up an AH30 prototype while looking for wind at Rufus, OR (a location known for strong wind). Left up overnight and for two straight days, the awning had to weather very strong and erratic wind with gusts reported to 50mph.

Deployed and secured on the leeward side of a Promaster van, the awning was pounded by the wind. Other than some flexing, some strong noise from the awning getting battered by gusts, it remained attached, secure and solid. It was abused  as each anchor point to the van held firm with no movement. No harm no foul.

DAYLODGE awnings can withstand windy conditions without incident. A vehicle awning that does not have to be taken down to avoid catastrophe.

Note: We don't recommend deploying this awning when its gusting to 50 mph. But sometimes while they're in use its unavoidable.Our awning and attachment system were designed with this in mind. Should you have to be in the wind, an awning that flexes rather than break has its advantages.


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Overland Expo PNW Daylodge Awning. A first of its kind, DAYLODGE vehicle awnings are 100% inflatable, self supporting shade and shelter.  Made to be weather resilient, the awning doesn't have to be taken down to avoid catastrophe. Awning are super durable and versatile.