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New Gear Feature -- Overland, The Compass

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DAYLODGE Gear -- headquartered in White Salmon, WA -- designs and manufactures innovative products for your next Overland adventure. Founded during the pandemic when we all treated our vehicles like a day lodge, Daylodge™ gear recently introduced an industry-first inflatable vehicle awning. The AirHaven 30 quickly inflates and sets up, then deflates and stows in a bag.

First concept-ed for creating shelter while skiing, their flagship product went through many prototypes starting in 2018. Tested in adverse and inclement PNW weather, the awning sheds snow and survives windy conditions without incident. Their innovative mounting system and awning design are both patent pending.

Designed by kiteboarding industry veterans, the awning is constructed with proven materials and manufacturing and tested in the toughest conditions. It inflates with a high-volume pump like those used for SUP boarding. Self-supported entirely with air, it has no poles, rods, hardware, or ground support needed to set up on a vehicle. Proven in the wind, the awning is resilient and has nothing to break or damage.

Packed down, the AH30 is just about the size of a 12-pack of cans and weighs 6lbs. When set up, it provides 38 sqft of shade and shelter. Since their release this year, Daylodge awnings have been proven on campers, truck bed canopies, SUV and CUV factory racks, adventure vans, and adventure rigs. Setups have included several popular Overland makes and models using similarly popular roof racks.

The awning is versatile, with attachment accessories that connect to roof racks, overland racks, slider doors, other door tops, roof rails, roof mounts, and more. Once anchored to the vehicle, two flat hooks are used to secure the bottom of the vehicle. They recently announced additional accessories, including VHB D-Rings mounts.

Designed as a platform for attaching accessories, a privacy wall, and table + bag will be made available soon. Stay tuned to these guys for new and innovative products.

MSRP: $699.00


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Overland Expo PNW Daylodge Awning. A first of its kind, DAYLODGE vehicle awnings are 100% inflatable, self supporting shade and shelter.  Made to be weather resilient, the awning doesn't have to be taken down to avoid catastrophe. Awning are super durable and versatile.