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Chasing Winter Storms

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The idea for an inflatable awning presented itself to me while skiing a favorite PNW resort, 2018. I was busy leveling up, chasing powder in a Promaster build I had spent nearly 2 years working on.

With friends on a winter storm weekend, heaters blazing inside and having an apres ski outside our vans, the evolution of my van build became clear to me  --  I needed an awning next to my vehicle, even in a winter storm.

I could see it.This awning had to quickly set up, had to be self-supporting, durable, and could withstand the weather. It had to create some space for family and friends, plus cover the entry to my vehicle. When not in use, it had to pack down into a small bag and it was going to be super lightweight, inflatable and more.

With this vision in mind, my goal to create a practical inflatable awning had begun. Along the way, while designing the awning, the pandemic lock down hit, and creating space next to a vehicle became not just mine, but everyone's reality. It was a time when going into a day lodge wasn't an option.

DAYLODGE was founded in 2020 with the understanding we can all create comfortable space with our vehicles when adventuring. Your vehicle is your day lodge.

Our flagship product is a lightweight modern vehicle awning for shade and shelter, and can be used in a winter storm.

Wishing you safe travels,

Russ Woolsey
Founder and Owner


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September 30, 2022

I got this awning a week ago and everything about it is well thought out! It’s takes me 2 minutes to unpack and set up, and once it’s up it’s isn’t going anywhere. Snow, rain, wind – it can handle anything. Can’t wait to take this on many more van-ventures!

Joe Mayernik
Joe Mayernik

September 30, 2022

I love this idea. I have a composite camper that i would love to use this and seasucker suction cups on it. Since i would be connecting the top beam to a flat surface with the seasucker cups are there attachment on the beam for attaching those?

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