AirHaven Version 2 Pre-Sale

Shipping September, 2023 (update 08/19/23 could push into October).  Limited Quantity Offering.

Our Version 2 pre-sale is limited quantity with just 50 awnings available.  This is for the new AirHaven 40. 

Two color options available when they ship bundled with new accessories all at a pre-sale discount. FlexMount anchors included. Price subject to change after our shipment arrives. 

6'x7' Dimensions -- New Cammo Color Version + Blackout Canopy options available before shipping. Read more Version 2 Pre-Sale 

DAYLODGE Airhaven line of awnings are portable vehicle canopies designed for shade and shelter. The awnings inflate and connect to a vehicle. 

With a standard high volume air pump, quickly inflate and setup. When not in use, the awning deflates and stows in a bag.

  • Lightweight and packable (7lbs with bag and attachments)
  • Inflates with standard high volume air pumps used for inflatable SUPs, rafts, kayaks, kitesurfing
  • Proven in the wind
  • Nothing to break
  • Versatile
  • No poles, rods, mechanical devices, fixed mounting hardware, ground support or installation required.

Setup vehicles with no rack, gutters or door tops using aftermarket suction anchors, magnetic mounts and our DAYLODGE FLEXMOUNT VHB anchors.

Setup on aftermarket roof racks. Truck bed rack awning, Aluminuss rack awning setup, Vantech rack canopy, Thule rack canopy, Yakima rack awning,