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DAYLODGE AirHaven vehicle awnings are designed to setup on vehicles using our attachment accessories. 

  • These accessories will work with factory and third-party roof racks, truck bed racks, truck toppers, shells, campers, roof gutters and more. 
  • Your vehicle must have roof anchor points. Daylodge FlexMount are good for those setup locations needing anchor points. It’s easy to get creative setting up.
  • Attachment accessories clip, hook, wrap-around and hang from roof racks, hinged or sliding doors or aftermarket fixed or semi-permanent anchors.
  • Each awning comes standard with two types of setup accessories. 
  • After fixing the awning to vehicle roof attachment points, flat hooks are secured and tensioned at the bottom of a vehicle creating tension on the strap. 
  • Two tensioned straps hold the awning in place using the vehicle's bottom body to chassis seam.
  • Awning support struts slide up and down these tensioned straps, holding the canopy up, bracing from the side of your vehicle. 
  • Soft and gentle material is used where the supporting struts rest on your vehicle. 
  • The awning was designed to be highly versatile and customizable. Awnings first inflate, then attach. When not in use, awnings deflate and stow in bag. 

Vehicle Awning install

Inflate AirHaven awnings have one inflation valve for inflating and deflating. The valve accepts a cone adapter. We recommend using a high-volume pump (not high pressure) with a pressure gauge. Inflate to 8 PSI.Do not inflate more than 9 PSI. This gives room for expansion when it's hot.  

  1. STEP 1.Closeboth (2) support strut clamp valves. These remain closed while securing the awning to roof anchor points. When its secured, then you will open the valves. This will raise canopy into position. 
  2. STEP 2.Unscrew air valve top ring, leaving the bottom ring screwed firmly to awning.
  3. STEP 3Insert cone adapter from air-pump and inflate.
  4. STEP 4Close air valve by screwing cap into place. Make sure its snug. 

Attach Awning

1. Racks and other top anchor mounting points use Universal Mounts. These can clip to or wrap around racks and clip to FlexMount D-Rings. Shipped awnings have these attached to the awning. 


2.Slider doors, ledges, gutters, lips, slots, channels and eyelets use the Standard Top Mounts. Rubber coated flat hooks secure to daisy chain on the awning.