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AirHaven Annex

AirHaven Annex

Annex is an inflatable awning wall accessory for private outdoor space used with our inflatable awnings.  Annex adds shade, shelter and privacy to any AirHaven setup. Uses the same manufacturing and materials used in our awnings.

  • Annex v1 attaches to all AirHaven 30 and 40 version vehicle awnings
  • Deflates and packs away into AirHaven Awning carrying bags 
  • Weighs 3lbs and small packable size
  • Inflates using standard high-volume air pump (SUP or raft) at 6-8 PSI
  • Has two large mesh pockets on the inside of wall for storage 
  • Daisy chain loops for hanging lights, wetsuits, gear 
  • Durable construction using 180g Dacron and RipStop Polyester
  • UV 50+ material  
  • Two color options; Black Gray Camo and Yellow Gray 


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