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Our Road to Innovation... and Overland + Get on our list for product announcements !

September 10, 2023 3 min read

Our Road to Innovation... and Overland + Get on our list for product announcements !

We want to thank Overland Expo PNW 2023 giving us the nod for best gear at the show. While at the show looking at all of the great products, chatting with great people and great brands, it got me thinking where our best ideas come from.

In our case, best ideas appear while driving on dirt roads and twisting highways, from mountain slopes and at trailheads. And often they come with a cup of coffee watching for the first light of day. 

The idea for our flagship product  -- AirHaven awning --  was conceived in a winter storm. A novel idea: a vehicle awning that can survive punishing weather, pack away in a tight space (the size of a 12 pack of cans) and setup in just minutes. 

Privately designing and sewing in our garage, the AirHaven took time and iteration to refine an inflatable awning solution that worked. We are humbled by the market's reception and as of July 2023 we are sold out of AirHaven Version 1. Version 2 is now available pre-sale.

We have welcomed and encourage feedback from our customers. And after listening to the universe, we returned to or studio (yes actually a garage) this year and began working on AirHaven Version 2.

Our Version 2 pre-sale is limited quantity.  Version 2 is our new AirHaven 40. You're going to want one of these with two color options available when they ship bundled with new accessories including a set of FlexMount anchors. All at a pre-sale discount. These ship in September(update October, 2023). 

We have learned darker canopy colors are desirable. We sold out of our Black/Gray Camouflage quickly and will have another similar Version 2 color combination.



Version 1 also proved our Yellow/Gray defused light canopy material is a great choice for setting the mood on shorter days with snow. 

Like Version 1, Version 2 AirHaven will work well on vehicles that have attachment points ready and available. These include factory racks, third party racks and door tops. AirHaven does not need bolts, drilling or brackets for setting up. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Vehicle Awning

Setting up on all types of vehicles one morning we had to wake up early for a cup of coffee. We had to come up with another way for setting up. We learned a new type of awning anchor was needed for attaching AirHaven better than solutions currently in the market.  Out of necessity, Flexmount  was born.  

Flexmount adhesive d-rings are designed to be used on a variety of surfaces. We tried magnets; they scratch paint. We tried suction cups -- flat surface only and can fail.

Flexmount semi-permanent anchors use 3M VHB adhesive with a proprietary design that works on trailers, vehicles, RVs, vans, campers, truck shells, cabs and more. They also work well on PVC material like found with Get Flated Truck Toppers or SUP boards and rafts. 

nite ize, tie-downs, car rack accessory

AirHaven Version 1 uses super lightweight ripstop polyester canopy material. This is perfect for a diffused light space underneath the canopy. We will continue to use these types of ripstop UV 50+ materials.

Version 2 will use new UV blocking, PU coated polyester canopy material as an option. This new blackout canopy option is for darker, cooler shade. This will be one of the two color options.

Something else Version 1 taught us, many Adventure Van owners want something bigger. And we learned Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and Broncos need a more optimized support strut length for best use.

Version 2, AirHaven 40 will be made available this Fall. It is optimized with new materials and sizing for common overland vehicle types. It is a little bigger going from 5.5' to 6' wide and remaining 7' deep.

Note, new AirHaven 40 awnings will attach to top-side anchor points just like Airhaven 30. The distance between anchor points will range from 58" to 72" apart.

These secure points can be cross bars, towers, van slider doors, overland rack side walls like those on Prinsu and other overland style flat sided and safari type racks. Awning cable slots, tracks, lips and our FlexMounts are also great options. 

Also coming later this year is our new product, AirHaven Annex. An inflatable wall that attaches to AirHaven awnings to create shade, shelter and privacy. It can be attached to any open side of the awning for setup flexibility. More details coming soon. 


The AirHaven was conceived not just as an awning, but a platform for accessories like lighting. All awnings have well thought-out molly or daisy chain style webbing anchors.  AirHaven Annex uses these anchor points. 

Also using these anchor points as one option is our just announced Daylodge Workspace™ travel bags. It is a new idea in organization and use of tools while on the road. Limited pre-sale available and shipping this August. Stay tuned for our next post exploring our latest innovation, Daylodge Workspace™



Signing out for now. --Russ Woolsey, Founder and Owner 









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Pasquale Attanasio
Pasquale Attanasio

November 11, 2023

I love all your tents and I love all your canopies and awnings. They’re really cool, and I love the wine Area drop in

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