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Winnebago Solis AirHaven awning setup

Winnebago Solis AirHaven awning setup

Setting up the Airhaven awning on a Winnebago Solis with Ram Promaster chassis can be done two ways. Both provide quick and easy shade and shelter on your van. 

Right out of the box and ready to use when your awning arrives is the slider door setup using the awning top attachment accessories. The awning attaches to van slider doors creating an outdoor space separate from the inside. 

This is our go to winter and inclement weather setup. It is great for camping, creating space for a galley separate from the van interior. We like this setup using a Legend Table for creating an outside covered galley that moves with the slider door.

A second way for setting up on a Solis is to use Flexmount anchors. Our friends purchased a Winnebago Solis and were looking for an awning. They learned quickly a fixed mounted awnings using hardware won't work. 

The Solis fiberglass roof is the challenge. Suction cups, magnets or bolted and other hard brackets don't work with this curved and smooth fiberglass surface. But our solution does. FLEXMOUNT Semi-permanent adhesive anchors - DAYLODGE GEAR

Using Flexmounts, we measured to understand correct placement for these flexible 3M adhesive anchors above the slider door opening. The awning needs to be positioned above the slider door so the door can move underneath. One way to install these anchors is for use when the pop top is open.  



The awning is versatile and using the included universal attachment accessories it will clip to Flexmounts and attach to the awning using g hooks.  More information is provided in the owner's manual.


We found this to be a practical solution for clipping to Flexmounts living underneath the pop top lid. Our friends used this setup in very high winds while family camping with their two kids on the coast. 

Another solution is to place the Flexmounts outside of the pop top lid. This allows for setting up the awning when the pop top is open or closed.

One of our friends preferred this solution. They had no problem with the Flexmounts being visible when the pop top lid is closed. The mounts are located just above the slider door.

This setup uses our top attachment accessories that hook to the Flexmounts. Using the handle on the awning to grab the Flexmounts makes for an easy setup. 

Note, it is important for this configuration to place the Flexmounts below the pop top rubber seal. Flexmounts when adhered cannot touch the pop top lid rubber gasket. There is just the right amount of space for the Flexmounts and a rubber gutter as seen in the picture(more on this below).

Flexmounts placed above the door entry by 3/4 inch. 

And here the front Flexmount is 8 1/2 inches from the door seam to the middle of the d-ring. 

It is also important to install Flexmounts on a clean and dry surface after wiping down with alcohol. Follow directions on package. 

I also wanted to note that we have been using adhesive 3M adhesive gutter rubber channels installed above the slider door entry. These prevent water from entering an open slider door.

This is a challenge for most adventure van makes and models. We have been sending these pre-cut and ready to install by inquiry only at this time. 

Contact us for more information.




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Jon Perreras
Jon Perreras

March 27, 2024

Hi I’d like to purchase the awning and flex mounts. How do I request for the 3M adhesive gutter rubber channels?

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